Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials: A Natural History Treating both standard and rare materials, their sources and geography, as used in classic, contemporary and artistic trout and salmon flies, displayed in photographs, and in the paintings and engravings of history's greatest ornithological and zoological illustrators.

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                  Volume 1: Birds     11"x14" format, 304 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. Originally published in 1994
               Volume 2: Birds & Mammals     11"x14" format, 374 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. Originally published in 1997

Published in two volumes. The first volume, Birds (1994, 1997), and the second volume Birds & Mammals (1997) cover different fly tying materials, and together, these books comprise the most definitive work on fly tying. Volume 1 contains information on 115 different birds whose feathers have historically been used in fly tying, and includes such species as the Indian crow, blue chatterer, golden pheasant, Lady Amherst pheasant, corncrake, toucan, guinea fowl, ocellated turkey, merlin, coot, Baikal teal, wood duck, and scarelt macaw. Volume 2 covers topics such as the history of breeding poultry for hackle, modern poultry production, the history of sericulture, and the mammals historically used in fly tying, including various squirrels, the diana monkey, chinchilla, gray fox, brown bear, wolverine, fisher, coyote, seal, elk, white-tailed deer, and goat. Heralded by Fly Fisherman Magazine and in the New York Times as two of the best books for the Holidays, and winner of United Fly Tyer's Book-of-the-Year award, this 2-volume set is a must for every angler, fly tier,and angling historian. Also quite popular among aviculturists and artists.


Please look for greatly expanded sections from Rare & Unusual Fly Tying Materials: A Natural History in our new 
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