Corinthian (Created and tied by Paul Schmookler)


Tag:     Flat silver tinsel.
Tail:      Golden pheasant crest and
            Indian crow.
Butt:      Black ostrich herl.
Body:    Rear half: Oval silver tinsel
             veiled above and below with
             Indian crow (doubled) and 
             butted with black ostrich herl.
             Front 2/3: same as rear half.
             Front 1/3: Oval silver tinsel
             ribbed with banded gymnogene *
             (or guinea fowl).
Throat:   Banded gymnogene *.
Wing:     Three pair Lady Amherst pheasant
              tippets, back to back and partially
              overlapping (as shown).
Cheek:   Fairy bluebird and green Impean pheasant
              neck feather (or mallard blue-green
                secondary wing feather, trimmed to size).
Topping: Golden pheasant crest
Horns:     Blue and gold macaw.

*  Endangered species, recommed using
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