The Double Leopard (Created and tied by Paul Schmookler)

Tag:       Fine oval silver tinsel and gold 
              silk floss.
Tail:       Golden pheasant crest (doubled)
              and Indian crow (doubled).
Body:     Two-thirds medium oval silver 
              tinsel veiled above and below with
              flamed bowerbird * (or golden toucan).
              Front  third, purple silk floss ribbed 
              with medium oval silver tinsel and 
              hackled with coc-de-leon.
Wing:     Two pair peacock pheasant, back 
              to back and overlapping, as shown.
Throat:   Banded gymnogene * (or guinea fowl).
Sides:    Jungle cock and Indian crow.
Cheek:   Blue chatterer and rifle bird * (or 
              peacock neck  feather or impeyan
              pheasant neck feather).
Topping: Golden pheasant crest, doubled.
Horns:     Lady Amherst pheasant tail fibers 
               over top of wing.

* Endangered species, recommend using alternative.
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