Tag:     Silver tinsel
Tail:     A topping and Indian crow
Butt:     Black herl
Body:    In three equal sections, of orange,
             lemon yellow, and pale blue floss
             respectively; the first and second
             sections each butted with black herl,
             and all sections veiled above and below
             with Indian crow
Ribs:     Oval gold tinsel for first and second
             sections, oval silver tinsel for third section
Throat:  Jay
Wings:   Mixed -- tippets in strands; "married"
              strands of bustard, florican, peacock wing,
              scarlet, blue, orange, and yellow swan, and 
              golden pheasant tail; peacock sword over all
Sides:     Barred summer duck (a rather broad strip);
              two or three toppings over all
Horns:   Blue and yellow macaw

Tied by William Hrinko.

Reference:  Pryce-Tannatt (1914) How to Dress Salmon Flies
London: Adam and Charles Black