Red-Grey Ghost Tied by Marcelo Morales
Body:         Red floss
Rib:           Flat silver tinsel
Wing:        Sparse red bucktail, over which 4-5 strands peacock herl, over which 4 medium 
                to dark blue dun saddle hackles. Sometimes peacock is below body.
Throat:      Red hackle barbules, beard style
Shoulder:   Silver pheasant cheeks
Cheeks:     Jungle cock
Note:        This fly was invented circa 1950 by Hank Northridge and Harry Coronos while 
                fishing Merrymeeting Lake in New Hampshire. First called the "Coronos Killer" 
                the name of the fly was later changed by its inventors to the Red-Grey Ghost. 
                Tied by Marcelo Morales.
Source:      Stewart, D. and Leeman, B. (1982) Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon, p. 82; 
                Leiser, E. (1987) The Book of Fly Patterns p.231
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