Red Squirrel Gold Streamer Tied by Don Bastian. Look for more of Don's flies in our upcoming book, Forgotten Flies
Body:       Medium embossed gold tinsel (Blades uses flat gold tinsel ribbed with gold)
Throat:     The tip of a very short golden pheasant crest feather dyed red (Blades uses red hackle tips)
Wing:       A very small bunch of fox squirrel tail hair over which are two honey badger hackles of the 
               same length as the squirrel tail hair
Cheeks:     Jungle cock
Note:       Created by Ray Bergman. Tied by Don Bastian.
Source:     Bates, J. (1950, 1966, 1995) Streamer Fly Tying and 	Fishing, p. 325; 
                Blades, W.F. (1951, 1962, 1979) Fishing Flies and Fly Tying p.89
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