White-winged Akroyd Tied by William Hrinko
Tag:       Silver tinsel
Tail:       Golden pheasant crest and golden pheasant tippet strands
Body:      Rear half light orange seal's fur; front half black floss
Rib:         Oval silver tinsel over the orange seal's fur; flat silver tinsel and twist over floss
Hackle:    Lemon hackle over the seal's fur, and black heron's hackle over the black floss
Throat:     Teal
Wing:       A pair of cinnamon turkey tail strips (set flat). White turkey tail strips are often used
               (as shown above, in which case the pattern is known as the WHITE-WINGED AKROYD)
Cheek:     Jungle cock (drooping, as shown).
Source:   T.E. Pryce-Tannatt (1914) How to Dress Salmon Flies. London: Adam and Charles Black..
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