Charles DeFeo (1891-1978)

Left, a sample of the 725 undiscovered flies
created and tied by Charles DeFeo, featured
in FORGOTTEN FLIES, with their

Charles DeFeo developed more techniques
and created more salmon-fly patterns and 
pattern variations than any other tier in the
 500-year-history of fly tying. In fact, by 
popularizing his low, mixed-wing style of 
tying, enhanced by an uncanny ability to 
blend colors, he laid a foundation that would
determine the direction of the modern hairwing 
Atlantic salmon fly. Yet for all the lives he 
touched and the flies he tied, DeFeo was nearly
forgotten, and the bulk of his flies lay 
undiscovered, hidden among a few private 
collectors.  FORGOTTEN FLIES features over 
seven hundred of DeFeo’s never published and 
undiscovered flies, together with their dressings.

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