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During the last couple of decades of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, a small number of dedicated craftsmen worked to create the art of fly tying in America. Tiers such as John Harrington Keene, Mary Orvis Marbury and Herb Welch were in time joined by others, notably Carrie Frost, Theodore Gordon, Louis Rhead, Carrie Stevens, Charles DeFeo, Preston Jennings, and Ray Bergman.

Regardless of their age or gender, these tiers shared characteristics that made them a new and active core at the center of the trade. In their time, they were successful far beyond normal expectations and enjoyed ever-widening reputations and influence. Unfortunately what happened next is a phenomenon that transpires all too frequently in history. Their work simply went out of fashion.

There have been hundreds, even thousands, of early amateur tiers who were never acknowledged for their contributions to American fly tying. We have selected five individuals to represent those untold craftsmen who left collections of dressings that were forgotten or scattered for decades.




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