Radical Fly Gallery #2 Flies by Enrico Puglisi These flies are commercially available through Enrico or your local tackle shop. For more information visit http://www.epflies.com Top row: Pinfish -- Tinker Mackrel -- Enrico's Yellow Perch -- Mackrel Second row: Mullet -- Peanut Butter Yellow Third row: Bay Anchovy -- Anchovy -- Peanut Butter Chartreuse -- Peanut Butter Gray Bottom row: Needlefish -- Enrico's Blue Back Herring -- Bluegill -- Pumpkinseed To see more of Enrico's flies, see Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials: A Natural History. Volume 2 - Birds & Mammals, double-spread page 346-347 This page designed and copyrighted © 2000-2006 The Complete Sportsman Back to gallery