The Radical Fly Gallery (TM)

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The Radical Fly Gallery is dedicated to contemporary, futuristic, and radical fly tying. Fly tiers world wide are welcome to exhibit their work on these pages. Gallery #1: Salmon flies by Paul Schmookler (3-28-99) Gallery #2: Flies by Enrico Puglisi (5-17-99) Gallery #3: Salmon flies by Ken Sawada (5-17-99) Gallery #4: Streamers by R. Emmett Johnson (5-19-99) Gallery #5: Salmon flies by Charles Chute (7-15-99) Gallery #6: Streamers by Tom Fawcett (9-18-99) Gallery #7: Artistic salmon flies by Paul Rossman (9/26/99) Gallery #8: Streamers by Michael Martinek, Jr. (11/6/99) Gallery #9: Streamers by Marcelo Morales (11/9/99) Gallery #10: Streamers by Matt Crompton (11/12/99) Gallery #11: Streamers by Kevin Perkins (11/12/99) HOME



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