Radical Fly Gallery(TM) #6 Flies created and tied by Tom Fawcett

Fawcett's Miniature Prismatic Minnow Series Tom is one of the most skilled yet overlooked fly tiers in the United States. His "Prismatic Series" of miniature streamers are based on a combination of the H.O.B. and the Wigglakle weedless streamers that were designed in the early 1920s by the Weber Lifelike Fly Company, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The Weber Company was founded by Frost Fishing Company, established 1896, by Ms Carrie Frost, one of the forgotten pioneers of American fly tying. Tom's skill was one of the reasons we chose him as a featured fly tier for our "Check List of Streamers and Bucktails" chapter in our book, FORGOTTEN FLIES RETURN TO RADICAL FLY GALLERY This page designed and copyrighted © 1999-2006 The Complete Sportsman