Martinek's Crusader Created and tied by Michael Martinek, Jr., Franklin, MA Look for more of Mike's flies in our upcoming book, Forgotten Flies
Tag:          Holographic tinsel
Tail:         Golden pheasant crest
Body:       Embossed silver tinsel
Rib:          Silver twist
Throat:     Lavender bucktail followed by white bucktail, and white
               hackle fibers
Wing:       Six strands peacock herl; golden pheasant crest curving 
               downward; two medium blue hackles flanked on each 
               side by maroon-dyed grizzly hackles
Shoulder:  Baikal teal flank
Cheek:      Jungle cock
Topping:   Red hackle fibers, short
Note:       Created and tied by Michael Martinek, Jr.
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