John Raymond "Ray" Bergman (1891-1967)

From the 1930s to the 1950s, the 
name “Ray Bergman” was synonymous
with wet flies. Bergman was a prolific 
writer, whose books and articles 
entertained countless anglers. Only 
thirty-two years after his death, 
however, these colorful classic wet flies 
of yesteryear have disappeared, and with
them, an extremely beautiful and effective 
part of fly tying history. Yet the artificial 
flies featured in his many books were 
merely illustrations, and his tying bench 
contained many other dressings that were 
never published. FORGOTTEN FLIES 
features  hundreds of Bergman's wet flies,
faithfully reproduced from the drawings 
and dressings found in his books and 
unpublished notes. 

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